Nambia 2018-0764

Instructions for Use of the Photo Library

This website contains photo galleries from AIM’s stock photo library maintained by the AIM Stories team. AIM media personnel and leadership may have access to the full library. AIM missionaries have access to certain galleries only.

The images offered on this site are subject to copyright, as well as AIM Stories and AIM policy guidelines. Photographs are jointly owned by AIM and the original photographer.

The images offered on this site are intended for AIM ministry purposes. (For example: Publications, PR materials, mission and personal websites, presentations, newsletters, etc.).

Images may not be redistributed on third party websites, or to non-AIM personnel, without permission from AIM Stories and the photographer.

To the extent of our knowledge, AIM Stories will not post material that may expose or endanger anyone working in a sensitive environment. However, due to the dynamic nature of this issue, it is the shared responsibility of AIM Stories, the Mobilizing Offices, and every end user to use discretion in the distribution of media.

How to get access

AIM Missionaries may connect to certain galleries with a single password. Ask your Mobilizing Office for the password. It's not necessary to register for a Login, all you'll need is the password.

AIM Media Personnel (Anyone doing PR or media in an official capacity for AIM), and AIM leadership, may have access to the full library by being added as a Registered User. Contact AIM Stories  for instructions.

Thank you,

The AIM Stories Team